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Membership in the RSL is open to all who are interested in supporting, assisting and furthering the success of the Richmond Symphony.


Benefits of RSL Membership

Rewarding Volunteer Opportunities:

Members will find an array of rewarding and engaging volunteer opportunities.  We help our new members find just the right fit for connecting with and volunteering for the RSL.


Inspiration, Information and Involvement:

Members are invited to attend our five membership meetings per year, held at a variety of wonderful locations in the Richmond area.


Behind-the-Scenes Info:

Communication email updates keep you informed of volunteer opportunities, projects underway, and updates on concerts.  Also our web page has all ongoing projects and events for your information so you will always have an avenue to become involved.


Networking and Friendship:

The RSL has many wonderful, dedicated members.  When you join, you will have access to our members-only Yearbook and Membership Directory.  This will assist you in getting to know everyone and become a part of the RSL family.  You can also stay connected via our social media communications network of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


        Membership Types                         Membership Descriptions

Active Members - Annual dues $65

Spousal Members - Annual dues $40

Supporting Members - Annual dues $80

Members of Note - Annual dues $125

Nonresident Members - Annual dues $50

Active members are encouraged to participate in at least one RSL Committee and supporting/managing fundraising efforts.  All new members shall serve their first two years as active members.

Spousal members are defined as the partner of a current member of the RSL.  Spousal members are encouraged to also participate in RSL fundraising efforts.

Supporting members have the option of participating in at least one RSL Committee but do support/manage fundraising efforts.
Long term members can opt to change their membership type to Members of Note and pay a higher annual membership dues in lieu of significant active service.

Members who no longer live in the Metro Richmond area and would like to be included in all communications and information regarding RSL.


To join RSL now, please click here: 
Join RSL Online Now 


Or, if you prefer to join offline via a printed signup document, please click here: 
Membership Application 2020